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About Proclaim Group

Proclaim Group brings together award-winning specialist rehabilitation, vocational and occupational therapy services through three specialist companies – Proclaim Care, Obair Associates and Resolve Health. Proclaim Training provides support to insurers, solicitors, clinicians and employers through our specialist training academy.

Our services are outcome focused to support adults and children impacted by an illness or injury. The vocational services assist a return to work.

Who We Work With

We work with the Personal Injury, Disability Insurance, Occupational Health and the Corporate Market. Our customers include insurers, solicitors, employers and Occupational Health and other rehabilitation providers.

Our Core Services

Our core services are Rehabilitation Case Management, Vocational Assessments, Treatment and Diagnostics and Occupational Therapy Services, Rehabilitation and Vocational Training.

Find a Rehabilitation Case Manager

Across the UK we have Rehabilitation and Vocational specialists. All our Rehabilitation Case Managers are registered health professional with extensive experience in their chosen fields.

Specialist areas include; Rehabilitation Case Managers, Vocational Rehabilitation Specialists, Vocational Consultants, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists.

Expertise and knowledge are considered as part of their appointment to a client.

Our Services

Proclaim Care

Proclaim Care is an award-winning specialist rehabilitation case management company. Our case management services support people across the full range of illness and injuries categories from the less complex to the most catastrophic.

Our Rehabilitation Case Managers work in the specialist areas of acquired brain injury, amputation, complex orthopaedic and psychological trauma with adults and children.


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Obair Associates

Obair Associates is a specialist occupational therapy and vocational rehabilitation company.

The standard of our vocational assessments and vocational case management services are used by rehabilitation case managers, personal injury insurers and solicitors, disability insurers and occupational health providers.

Occupational Therapy services are delivered to personal injury insurers, solicitors and case management companies.


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Resolve Health

Resolve Health is Proclaim Group’s specialist treatment and diagnostic service. We offer the full range of physical and psychological therapies, diagnostics and hospital services. Many services can be delivered through virtual technology.

We focus on delivering the easiest access to services for the client, with the highest quality of service. With a focus on self-management, the service is outcome focused.


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Proclaim Training

Our Academy of Rehabilitation and Vocational Expertise was established in 2018 to offer CPD training to Proclaim Group and the insurance, corporate and case management market. We have a passion for providing education to the industry to enable the maximum benefit to be achieved through the use of rehabilitation and vocational services.

Training Courses & Workshops

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