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Proclaim Group Board combines wide-ranging experience in the delivery of rehabilitation and vocational case management, paired with diagnostic, treatment and training services. Extensive knowledge and understanding, garnered over years, allows our teams to develop, activate and progress programmes and structures relevant to enable long-term stability.

Our Management Team cultivate our strong culture, our values and work tirelessly to help our team grow and succeed.

Laura Mackellar


Laura has responsibility for ensuring that the service we provide, to both our customers and our employees, is of a high standard. Laura and her team are continuously auditing and reviewing what we do to ensure we improve upon our processes and procedures to be pro-active and cost effective in our approach to rehabilitation. Laura also provides HR advice and support to the management team and our employees and ensures that our teams have the opportunity to develop and grow with the Company.

Laura has worked for Proclaim Care in a variety of roles since 2001. She has a post graduate diploma in Human Resource Management, a Business Studies degree and is a member of the CIPD.

Tracey Buchanan

Interim CEO / CFO

Tracey has been with Proclaim Care since January 2006,and joined the Board of Directors in 2009. Tracey is a qualified accountant (ACCA) and has considerable experience and background in customer service environments.

Tracey combines technical expertise and financial skills with an operational and softer skill base to ensure, as a company, Proclaim provides the best quality service at the best benefit to all parties. The key aspects of her role are financial control and strategic development.

Tracey is based in the Hamilton office, although travels to customer and supplier meetings throughout the UK.

Neil Irwin

Commercial Director

Neil joined Proclaim Care as Business Development Consultant in 2016 and became Commercial Director in 2019.

Neil has worked in the rehabilitation market since 2007. He has a reputation for working with customers to develop innovative rehabilitation solutions that offer value to all those engaged in the service.

One of his passions is to ‘spread the word’ on the benefits of rehabilitation and the value it brings to all stakeholders. He regularly runs training courses on rehabilitation for insurers and solicitors. He is an advocate of evidencing value from the use of rehabilitation, for clients, solicitors and insurers and has run several projects in this area.

With an insurance background, Neil maintains his Chartered Insurer accreditation by continuing to support education across the industry.

Find a Rehabilitation Case Manager

Across the UK we have Rehabilitation and Vocational specialists. All our Case Managers are registered health professional with extensive experience in their chosen fields.

Specialist areas include; Rehabilitation Case Managers, Vocational Rehabilitation Specialists, Vocational Consultants, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists.

Expertise and knowledge are considered as part of their appointment to a client.