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How Bespoke Trauma Support Helped the Manchester Arena Bomb Survivors

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Below is an extract of the cover story in the current issue (January 2023) of Neuro Rehab Times. For the full article, please visit

On May 22, 2017, a bomb was exploded at an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena. Twenty-two people lost their lives, and a further 1,017 were injured. Hundreds more, while physically unharmed, continue to live with the psychological trauma of what happened. Support had diminished over the following three years.

In autumn 2020, Hudgell Solicitors (who is looking after over 150 survivors) approached Proclaim Care, to investigate the possibility of creating a bespoke programme for those supported by Hudgell Solicitors who were so badly in need. 

The specialist team at Proclaim Care devised a bespoke screening assessment for each client, targeting urgent interventions for those who needed it most. A mixture of virtual and face-to-face support was used, both to accommodate the restrictions imposed during the pandemic, and to offer clients the option of accessing support in whichever way they wished. 

As well as direct interventions (which primarily focused on psychological support, behavioural therapy, physiotherapy and some benefits and vocational advice), a central resource was also created by the Proclaim Care team to share support services, charities and organisations they could potentially signpost to.

For those survivors who were receiving the support, the outcomes are helping to show the impact of the partnership in changing the outlook for those who were struggling to cope.

“The pre- and post-therapy scores suggest these clients have received effective therapy at the appropriate time,” Linda Ingram, clinical team leader at Proclaim Care. 

“The partnership has been very effective in helping to identify, support and achieve good outcomes for clients.” says Linda.

The partnership has also received national recognition, being named winner of the partnership initiative of the year at the CMSUK Awards 2022. 

Please see our news article on the CMSUK 2022 awards recognition.

Neuro Rehab Times Cover Story - Forgotten No More

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