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About Proclaim Group

Proclaim Group brings together award-winning specialist rehabilitation, vocational and occupational therapy services through three specialist companies. Training support can be provided to insurers, solicitors, clinicians and employers through our specialist training academy.

Our services are outcome focused to support adults and children impacted by an illness or injury. Vocational services assist a return to work.


Proclaim Group established in 2017, when Proclaim Care acquired Obair Associates. Proclaim Care was established in 2000, and Obair Associates was established in 2008. To support our service excellence, in 2018, we developed Proclaim Training, our Academy of Rehabilitation and Vocational Expertise. Our newest business, Resolve Health was formed in 2018 to offer a dedicated specialist treatment and diagnostic services.

Collectively we offer a ‘one-stop’ or can be used as individual service providers.

As the foremost rehabilitation, vocational and occupational therapy company, our independence and recognised quality of service sets us apart.

Why use Proclaim Group?

Proclaim Group offers a unique blend of three companies each specialist in their respective fields of rehabilitation and therapy. This approach, rather than a ‘one size fits all’, allows our customers access the services most suited to their business independently or collectively.

The focus of each business on their areas of specialism ensures that the the services are of the highest possible quality.

Our people are our strength and we support them from the moment they join us and throughout their career with Proclaim Group. With the support from Proclaim Training: Academy of Rehabilitation and Vocational Expertise, our people are supported to ‘Be your Best’. Many of our people are leaders in their specialist fields.

Independently owned and our appointment is welcomed by both insurers and solicitors in the personal injury market.

Our Way of Working

Our WoW factor (Way of Working) was developed through listening to our clients, customers and our clinical experts.

We make a difference to our clients and customers through our 5 x Cs approach to quality.

Application of our Ways of Working (WOW)

Proclaim Training Academy delivers CPD training to support the application of the WoW.

The 5 x C’s

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
    Commercial Awareness
  • 4
    Critical Thinking
  • 5
    Case Progression


Supervision and audit have always been key to maintain the quality of our service. This was strengthened with our quality framework and is a key component to maintaining our WoW factor.

Fortnightly Case Forum

The forum is a case clinic where a Rehabilitation Case Manager will bring a challenging case for discussion. It benefits from a multi-disciplinary approach, accessing their colleagues from the full range of allied health professionals and nurses. From the review, an action plan is prepared from the case.

Monthly Case Reviews by Clinical Team Leaders (CTLs)

Cases are selected by the CTLs and reviewed against a set quality criteria. Feedback to the Rehabilitation Case Manager is immediate.

Quarterly Clinical Audit

Quarterly Clinical Audit is completed by the Clinical Team Leaders and Senior Rehabilitation Managers as part of our Quality Framework using set criteria to take into account our clinical ways of working and quality measures.

Proclaim Group Services

Proclaim Care

Proclaim Care is an award-winning specialist rehabilitation case management company. Our case management services support people across the full range of illness and injuries categories from the less complex to the most catastrophic. Our Rehabilitation Case Managers work in the specialist areas of acquired brain injury, amputation, complex orthopaedic and psychological trauma with adults and children.

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Obair Associates

Obair Associates is a specialist occupational therapy and vocational rehabilitation company.

The standard of our vocational assessments and vocational case management services are used by rehabilitation case managers, personal injury insurers and solicitors, disability insurers and occupational health providers.

Occupational Therapy services are delivered to personal injury insurers, solicitors and case management companies.

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Resolve Health

Resolve Health is Proclaim Group’s specialist treatment and diagnostic service. We offer the full range of physical and psychological therapies, diagnostics and hospital services. Many services can be delivered through virtual technology.

We focus on delivering the easiest access to services for the client, with the highest quality of service. With a focus on self-management, the service is outcome focused.

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Proclaim Training

Our Academy of Rehabilitation and Vocational Expertise was established in 2018 to offer CPD training to Proclaim Group and the insurance, corporate and case management market. We have a passion for providing education to the industry to enable the maximum benefit to be achieved through the use of rehabilitation and vocational services.

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Our Values

Our values sit at the heart of Proclaim Group. They underpin our ‘why’, influence our behaviours and the way we do things from recruitment to board decisions. 


We aim to inspire you to be the best you can be.


We are focused on achieving the best outcomes for all.


We are experts in our field by ensuring investment in our people.

With Integrity

At all times we are transparent, honest and ensure equality and respect.

Awards & Accreditations

Quality is at the heart of our business and evidenced by our ISO 9001:2015, ISO27001:2013, FSQS and MTSP accreditations.

We are very proud of our record of awards recognising our people and our business.


To evidence the quality of our services we achieved ISO9001 in 2014, subsequently transitioning to ISO9001:2015.

In 2017, we achieved ISO27001:2013 to evidence our IT and Data security.


Financial Services Qualification System (FSQS) accreditation with Hellios is an established financial and insurance industry scheme, that reduces risk and improves processes.

Proclaim Group is the only non-financial based rehabilitation case management company to achieve FSQS accreditation. The FSQS accreditation mark indicates that Proclaim Group has gone through the processes required to demonstrate its commitment and credentials to the industry.

Financial Services Qualification System allows suppliers to demonstrate risk assessment, compliance, efficiency, advanced control and network practices.


Major Trauma Signposting Partnership (MTSP). Set-up by Cardinal Management and St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, MTSP tests whether better clinical outcomes can be achieved for the victims of major trauma through a coordinated and proactive approach to the provision of early welfare advice.

For people with major trauma, their rehabilitation and recovery is usually more complex than simply overcoming the health and medical issues. Patients experience many problems such as employment, financial, transportation, education, housing and compensation all of which can impact their ability to make a full recovery.


Proclaim Group have achieved outstanding recognition for the quality of our work.

2022 has seen Proclaim Group’s Katie Gardiner awarded Clinical Case Manager of the Year and Proclaim Group has won the Partnership Initiative of the Year with Hudgell Solicitors.

2019 was an outstanding year for us at the Awards where we were we recognised as Case Management Company of the Year for a quality transformation programme and the introduction of our Group Training Academy.

Rehabilitation First Awards

In 2017, David Coles-Stark was recognised as Case Manager of the Year.

Tracey Buchanan, CFO was recognised with the Unsung Rehabilitation Champion Award.

Proclaim Group in the Community

Walk500 Miles Challenge

In response to lockdown caused by the coronavirus we wanted to support our people’s mental and physical health and wellbeing. We encourage customers and suppliers to join

Proclaim Group’s anthem has always been The Proclaimers song ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)’, so appropriately we’ve come up with the #Walk500 Team Challenge.

The challenge for teams of five or more to walk 500 miles over ten weeks, keeping well within government guidelines.

The challenge was an overwhelming success with over 30 teams taking part and also raising £6,280.23 for NHS Together Charities and Mind.

Read the Walk500 news post

Find your feet

Isolation is a huge problem for many amputees. Quality of life and even life expectancy is greatly reduced without social inclusion, with as many as 30% of vascular amputees not surviving to one-year post-amputation.

Finding Your Feet support individuals and their families by organising a range of sporting initiatives and social inclusion projects. You can find out more about Finding Your Feet on their site –

Cancer Charities

Several of our people, their families and friends have been impacted by cancer. We have therefore selected two cancer charities this year and they are:
Macmillan –
Cancer Research UK –

Other Charities

Over the last 24 months we have supported:

  • Hearing Dogs for the Blind
  • Scottish Pain Management Association
  • Chris’s House, a centre for response and intervention surrounding suicide.
  • Headway
  • Child Brain Injury Trust