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Resolve Health Services

Our service delivers the full range of physiotherapy provision from virtual physiotherapy consultations through to specialist consultations. Meeting the patient’s needs and offering the most convenient provision appropriate for the injury is our goal.

What the service offers:

  • Dedicated support team to receive new instructions.
  • Telephone triage with a Clinical Case Manager.
  • Virtual assessment and treatment for appropriate cases.
  • On-line exercise programmes to support self-education and self-management.
  • Face to face treatment, referrals delivered through to a managed network of physiotherapy clinics.
  • Local locations for patient convenience.
  • Objective measurement and reporting.
  • Robust clinical governance to monitor that clinical performance meets the highest standards.

Who is the service for?

  • The service is offer to adults and children with musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Assess to specialist physiotherapist can be arranged, e.g. neuro-physiotherapist.

How is the service delivered?

  • The virtual physiotherapy is normally completed on-line although can be completed via telephone.
  • This allows for the patient to be assessed more quickly in their own environment.
  • Regular follow-up calls with the patient by their assigned Clinical Case Manager.
  • Face to face physiotherapy is deliver via convenient clinics local to the patient.
  • Progress is monitored, and the treatment plan adapted as required.

The role of the practitioner

  • The physiotherapists have a minimum three years clinical experience.
  • Their assessment will include a full medical history
  • Objective measurements will be taken and used to report progress.
  • A rehabilitation programme will be produce using clinical guidelines and evidence-based practice
  • To continue progress between session a self- management exercise programme will be provided in the most suitable medium.
  • Follow up sessions will measure progress and adapt the programme as required until the outcome has been achieved.

How to refer a case

To arrange a Physiotherapy Treatment Service referral, you can instruct us by the contact details below or by completing the Refer a Case form.

Refer a Case

To refer a case, please select the referral type you require and the appropriate form will be displayed for completion.

If the mandatory information is not know, please add ‘n/a’ into the respective field.

An automated acknowledge will be issued following a successful submission. If you do not receive an automatic acknowledgement, please call 01698 207 755 to confirm that the referral has been received.

Type of Referral

For treatment & diagnostics referrals, please select:

Treatment & Diagnostic Referrals

Please select a form from the above drop downs