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This entails a comprehensive and objective evaluation of an individual’s hand and upper limb function from a biopsychosocial and vocational perspective. The evaluation determines rehabilitation potential for a sessional hand therapy programme aimed at improving function for work and activities of daily living (ADL).

What the service offers:

  • An objective evaluation of the hand and upper limb.
  • Carried out by an occupational therapist (OT) with specialist expertise.
  • Determines rehabilitation potential to improve function.
  • Identifies specific goals, interventions and a plan aimed at the restoration of function and aids and adaptations if required.
  • A sessional programme of therapy focused on improving function; optimising workability; pain management and self-efficacy.
  • Vocational rehabilitation recommendations for those unlikely to return to their previous role.

Who is the service for?

  • An individual who has sustained a hand or upper limb injury, who is struggling or unable to undertake ADL or work.
  • Limited client belief in rehabilitation potential.
  • Limitation in movement, strength and sensibility.
  • Demonstrates psychological impact.

How is the service delivered?

  • The evaluation is carried out face-to-face or by virtual means.
  • The evaluation and session are offered throughout the United Kingdom in the individual’s home or a suitable local clinic.
  • For appropriate cases, the evaluation and sessions can be delivered virtually by the OT.

The job of the Evaluator

  • Structure an evaluation based on the referral questions.
  • Use clinical interview techniques, observe and objectively measure function and match to ADL or work demands.
  • Deliver findings in a concise report quantifying capacity, limitations and rehabilitation potential.
  • Prepare a rehabilitation plan with agreed goals.

How to refer a case

To arrange a Hand and Upper Limb Evaluation, you can instruct us by the contact details below or by completing the Refer a Case form.

Refer a Case

To refer a case, please select the referral type you require and the appropriate form will be displayed for completion.

If the mandatory information is not know, please add ‘n/a’ into the respective field.

An automated acknowledge will be issued following a successful submission. If you do not receive an automatic acknowledgement, please call 01698 207 755 to confirm that the referral has been received.

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